What is pkt?

Dissolvable. Clean. Delicious.

pkt. is a powdered daily multivitamin that comes in single-serving packets. Each packet contains 18 essential vitamins and minerals that dissolve easily, creating your new favorite lemon flavored beverage. Your health is our priority, that's why we contain NO artificial flavors, sweeteners, or fillers. 



We are thrilled you have discovered pkt. The idea for this innovative multivitamin and mineral supplement did not happen overnight. It is the accomplishment of years of research, inspired by a lifetime of enjoying the outdoors, adventure travel, and living a healthy lifestyle, all the while tackling the challenges of a chronic illness.

Our daughter was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at age eleven, causing her to be severely malnourished and vitamin deficient. Her body could not efficiently absorb capsule vitamins due to their thick coating and fillers, thus the need for a highly absorbable, clean multivitamin. The dissolvable powder formula in pkt. is by far the easiest way to swallow vitamins and minerals. Not only are they more quickly absorbed by the body than those in pill form, but the convenient, daily dose packaging means they are more likely to be consistently consumed.

As the experimental trial period progressed, we were encouraged by our results. Not only did pkt. help our daughter, but it had a direct benefit to “healthy” individuals as well. We were convinced that pkt. was a multivitamin that should be widely available and made affordable. The continued refinement and evolution of the formula and packaging concept led us to what is now pkt.

Dr. Steven A. Chase and Harriet K. Chase