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PKT is a powdered daily multivitamin that comes in single-serving packets. Each packet contains 17 essential vitamins and minerals that dissolve easily, creating your new favorite lemon flavored beverage. Your health is our priority, that's why we contain NO artificial flavors, sweeteners, or fillers.



We believe the ultimate luxury is wellness.  The foundation of PKT is to provide a product that enhances wellness routines. 

Our mission is to incorporate health and wellness into luxury travel.

PKT was made to be accessible to everyone, wherever, whenever. 




What makes PKT unique?



PKT was designed to dissolve in your favorite beverage for an easy way to drink your vitamins.

We provide a dissolvable formula because of the incredible health benefits capsuled vitamins lack. 

PKT's powdered formula allows your body to readily absorb and utilize all 17 essential vitamins without having to digest and break down filler ingredients found in capsuled vitamins. 




Each packet contains a single serving of 17 essential vitamins and minerals.

This was crucial in the development of PKT because it ensures you get the exact same, daily recommended serving of vitamins every single day. 

Bulk powdered vitamins allow the different vitamins to settle due to the different densities of each ingredient, which means every scoop is slightly different than the day before. PKT avoids this inconsistency by providing single- serving packets. 


100% clean


       PKT contains no fillers, artificial flavors, artificial colors, or added sugar. 

Health and wellness shouldn't include sacrificing one healthy ingredient for another. Thats why we created a vitamin that avoids fillers and waxes capsuled vitamins use in order to create a pill. 

PKT is sugar free, vegan, allergen free, gluten free, and purity tested. 

Sweetened with only monk fruit and flavored with lemon crystals, PKT tastes delicious, and keeps you feeling amazing 





Who do we serve?

PKT is proud to have a product that is versatile. 

 We serve a wide range of spas, restaurants, fitness studios, luxury hotels, in addition to our customers that subscribe to receive a month's supply of PKT every month. 

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Our Story

PKT was dreamed up by founders, Harriet and Steve Chase. Their daughter had received a life altering chronic illness diagnosis and was severely malnourished. At the root of PKT is the motivation to provide the cleanest, easy to drink source of nutrients.

Avid travelers and health nuts, Harriet and Steve were tired of carrying bottles of pills on vacations, and the idea of providing a wellness amenity to luxury hospitality businesses was born. Together, they have successfully created a product that is easy pack and easy to drink. They believe that wellness should be simple and convenient. PKT allows costumers to enhance their wellness routine whenever and wherever!

It really is as simple as Dissolve. Drink. Smile.


 "My parents live by the idea that if you don’t like your options, create new ones. Our home is a place of never-ending dreaming, imagining, and doing. They go through life refusing to compromise on matters close to the heart. Even if that means spending years creating a product that simultaneously benefits the health of their daughter and undeniably fills a giant hole in the vitamin market. pkt. is more than a business venture. The creation of this vitamin is personal. The passion to create such a unique and essential product stems from their commitment to each other, to their family, and their adventurous spirit. It may have been my health challenges that brought the dire need of this product to light, however, it is the “on the go” lifestyle my parents so gracefully live that is the pillar of this company. It was created for those who desire a simple, clean, and delicious source of vitamins, for businesses that prioritize the wellness of their guests, and for those who refuse to sacrifice their health on their way to the next adventure."

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