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After 7 years of research and development, and not settling for a substandard product, the makers of pkt. have managed to produce a vitamin package I have been waiting for! No more horse pills! I remember to take it, I like the flavor, and I feel better!


pkt. has been great, with no fillers. I do not get sick and love the ease and taste of the packets. Also Keto friendly, with no sugar! Feeling more energetic in the past month since I have started taking them!

Lori B.

It's amazing how good I feel after enjoying pkt. multivitamin. It tastes great and it's easy to pack into the mountains.

Bayard Black

I really love that I was able to use these vitamins. I enjoy knowing that these were a gluten-free and sugar-free multivitamins. They are a wonderful decision for healthy nutrition.

Mesia A.

Super for travel - easy to carrie and makes sure you don't miss a day. I have a lot more energy now and feel a lot healthier.

Douglas N.

Our Story

We are thrilled you have discovered pkt.

The idea for this innovative multivitamin and mineral supplement did not happen overnight. It is the accomplishment of years of research, inspired by a lifetime of enjoying the outdoors, adventure travel, and living a healthy lifestyle, all the while tackling the challenges of a chronic illness.