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flavored with lemon crystals and sweetened with monk fruit, PKT uses only natural ingredients to ensure drinking your vitamins has never been easier

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for those who desire a simple, clean, and delicious everyday vitamin

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That's Me!


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That's Me!

pkt. has been great, with no fillers. I do not get sick and love the ease and taste of the packets. Also Keto friendly, with no sugar! Feeling more energetic in the past month since I have started taking them!

Lori B

I really love that I was able to use these vitamins. I enjoy knowing that these were a gluten-free and sugar-free multivitamins. They are a wonderful decision for healthy nutrition.

Mesia A

Super for travel - easy to carry and makes sure you don't miss a day. I have a lot more energy now and feel a lot healthier.

Douglas N

After 7 years of research and development, and not settling for a substandard product, the makers of pkt. have managed to produce a vitamin package I have been waiting for! No more horse pills! I remember to take it, I like the flavor, and I feel better!

Jean S