Incorporating Wellness into Luxury: Exceeding Guest Expectations in 2021

Incorporating Wellness into Luxury: Exceeding Guest Expectations in 2021

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Luxury around the world has encompassed the most extravagant, lavish, and accommodating hospitality. Indulging in extraordinary amenities creates a guest experience like no other. For decades, luxury hoteliers have updated their properties to reflect the most recent guest expectations, ranging from advanced technology to spa trends. When the global pandemic halted international travel, luxury as we knew it changed forever.

The luxury traveler who once looked for a grand, and extravagant stay, now has new priorities. The COVID-19 outbreak forced the world to adapt to work from home orders, limited travel, Zoom fatigue and ultimately an increased focus on health and wellness. Not only have at-home workout programs skyrocketed, meditation and mindfulness practices have been one of the fastest growing wellness trends.  If 2020 taught the world anything, it is that health is THE luxury. 

Pristine cleaning conditions, limited contact upon check in, and throughout a guests' stay, are the new normal. The luxury traveler will only continue to be surprised and delighted when properties adapt to providing comfort in ways like never before seen or experienced. Several of these ways are highlighted below.


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Unique Amenities That Promote Wellness 

It's time to step up and walk the walk. Let's face it, only a few luxury hospitality brands can look in the mirror and honestly say they are the "real deal" when it comes to embracing and offering amenities that support wellbeing, mindfulness, creativity and escape. If you aren't actively searching for ways to enhance your guests' experience in meaningful ways you risk being left behind when the modern wellness luxury traveler emerges post pandemic.

pkt multivitamin is one of these unique offerings that serves your guests in a variety of ways. The only sugar-free, filler-free, dissolvable multivitamin that comes in daily single-serving packets, pkt is a luxury amenity that anticipates a guests daily need. With over 75% of North Americans alone taking a daily supplement, there is no better time to offer this daily ritual as a wellness offering. pkt multivitamin is offered as an in-room amenity, turn-down service, mini-bar, extended stay amenity, smoothie add-on, breakfast menu item, placed in excursion boxed meals, retail, water station enhancer, conferences, spa and pool. Check them out HERE.   pkt wellness amenity

Mental Health Amenities

From September 2019 to September 2020 there was a 93% increase in those seeking help with anxiety, and a 62 percent increase in those looking for help with depression. Look at the full report HERE

In addition to premium bedding and lighting, complimentary Apps like Insight Mind offer guests breathing exercises and guided meditation practices as healthy bedtime rituals to help combat anxiety and aid in sleep. Why not develop your own app branded to your specific property with indigenous nature sounds and local yogi's narrating an evening and morning meditation practice? This invites guests to experience local nature sounds during their meditative practice and supports local businesses. Both are areas the mindful wellness traveler will respect.

 Another mental health amenity idea is to offer in-room reminders on ways to reclaim an hour in the day and mindful ways to spend some free time. Putting down your phone, limiting email checking and turning off the t.v. are great ways to give guests back some time in their day.  Sometimes all we need is to be reminded. Listing healthier ways to spend the new-found time can be anything from poignant to whimsical. Make it meaningful, on brand and fun.

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Local Wellness Activities

No other traveler craves wellness trips, tours and experiences more than the rapidly growing "sober curious" guest. This is not a fad and should not be ignored. Luxury travelers are focusing on their health more than ever. Emerging from a year-long pandemic, more people are questioning their relationship with alcohol and seeking ways to feel better and live life to the fullest (aka healthiest). Activities that include reflection like writing workshops, curiosity activities such as astrology and astronomy and mastery activities will attract this growing luxury traveler. These guests are embracing a hang-over free lifestyle and expect their luxury hotel to keep up with their newfound energy, enthusiasm and clarity.

Montana's Dare to Detour Retreats offer a DYI wellness exploration activity kit that can be offered as an in room amenity or tailored specifically to your property. These activities promote mindfulness and physical exploration and work wonderfully in the confines of a hotel room or property. Inquire about customizing your DYI activity kit. Learn more HERE

If we are experiencing the calm before the post-pandemic storm, this is the perfect time to audit your wellness offerings and focus on local activities. The modern luxury wellness traveler expects experiences that immerse them in local culture and activities. Local businesses will appreciate your support during this difficult economic time. 

Unique amenities and thoughtful offerings that promote mind and body wellness are here to stay. 

Cheers (alcohol optional) to 2021!

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