More Than a Vitamin: the story of PKT

More Than a Vitamin: the story of PKT

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I grew up in the Rocky Mountains. My father, a born and raised outdoorsman, met my mother, a born and raised Floridian, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It is no coincidence their love flourished in a place that is equally wild and luxurious. Harriet Chase showed up for a summer in the Tetons at nineteen with her jean jacket and a naïve idea of what mountain air could do for the soul, and never left. My father, Steve Chase, bought her the first winter coat she’s ever owned, and it still hangs in our coat closet to this day. The lifestyle I was raised in was a perfect mixture of embracing your free spirit while undoubtedly looking out on a breathtaking view (with, let’s face it, a drink in hand). We have always been a family of contradictions. It’s typical for us to scramble from floating the Yellowstone River to a five-star restaurant dinner reservation, frantically changing at the river takeout and putting on fancy shoes with river sand still glued to our feet. We are a fast-paced bunch, and no strangers to a little mayhem. When pkt. emerged (we’re getting to that point of the story I promise), it was a shock to no one that is was designed for a life on the go, because well, we’ve never been known to sit still.


My name is Sage Chase. I am the middle child of Steve and Harriet. In me, they created a science nerd, a coffee connoisseur, and a travel addict. It was my crashing health that (not so gracefully) interrupted their adventurous lifestyle and inspired the innovative creation that is pkt. multivitamin. I was eleven when I began to have severe health issues. After about six months of tests, procedures, and second opinions, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. It is more common than not that you will know of someone with an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). We’re the ones represented by those drug commercials with the distraught people eying the bathroom, contributing to the misconception that IBD is strictly a bathroom disease (learn more here). I am one of those lucky pediatric patients whose parents did not sit idly by and trust every doctor to do what was in my best interest. They were my advocate regardless of how inconvenient it may be. I truly believe pkt. was in the works from the moment I received my diagnosis, whether we knew it or not, and this is our story.



Making the choice to begin nutritional therapy as a large part of my treatment was a monumental moment that led to a more health centered lifestyle. This lifestyle change included the entire family, often times to the dismay of my siblings. We began scouring labels, cutting out any artificial preservatives, flavors, and sugars (don’t get Steve going on high fructose corn syrup). In a grand attempt to make me feel less alone in my treatment journey and the sudden realization a large amount of food we consumed was contaminated with chemicals, we became that obnoxious health nut family.


Malnourished and far below the curve on the growth chart, there was a huge push for increased vitamin consumption by my team of doctors. “A simple fix”, they all would tell me. In my eyes, it was just another handful of pills to swallow. Our newfound all organic, all-natural lifestyle was thrown a curveball with the consumer product we least expected.  Every big-name vitamin brand was either a non-all-natural daily pill (which my body wouldn’t properly absorb due to my active disease) or a non-all-natural bulk powder (which unevenly distributes the different vitamins it contains, leading to an uneven consumption). To say my parents were unsatisfied is an understatement, it was more like outrage. The low vitamin index in chewable vitamins, the realization of unnecessary and unhealthy fillers that are stuffed into capsuled vitamins, and my father’s never-ending drive to provide the absolute best for his family inspired the production of pkt.


My parents live by the idea that if you don’t like your options, create new ones. Our home is a place of never-ending dreaming, imagining, and doing. They go through life refusing to compromise on matters close to the heart. Even if that means spending years creating a product that simultaneously benefits the health of their daughter and undeniably fills a giant hole in the vitamin market. pkt. is more than a business venture. The creation of this vitamin is personal. The passion to create such a unique and essential product stems from their commitment to each other, to their family, and their adventurous spirit. It may have been my health challenges that brought the dire need of this product to light, however, it is the “on the go” lifestyle my parents so gracefully live that is the pillar of this company. It was created for those who desire a simple, clean, and delicious source of vitamins, for businesses that prioritize the wellness of their guests, and for those who refuse to sacrifice their health on their way to the next adventure.





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