Wellness Amenities Worthy of a New Decade

Wellness Amenities Worthy of a New Decade

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Ringing in a new year conjures up wellness resolutions,  gym memberships and clean eating challenges that begin  to fizzle before the winter is through. The wellness-minded  traveler has learned to turn annual resolutions into daily  rituals in all aspects of their lives and have come to expect  a seamless extension while on holiday. In the age of rapid information, influencers, and “there’s an  app for that” culture, it can appear impossible to anticipate what your wellness-conscious guests could possibly want or  need that isn’t already being touted on their newsfeed.  Yes — guests expect more from their luxury stays than ever  before, but the old adage, it’s the little things, still rings true. 


On a recent trip to Nevis, in the beautiful West Indies, I was struck by the  thoughtfulness of the Four Season’s sun  sheltered huts situated throughout the  property offering complimentary cold water  and sunscreen. This simple amenity offering  was a pleasant surprise for two reasons. One,  the hotelier anticipated a guest’s potential  need and two, it was presented in a relaxed  and casual way (albeit elegant, it is the Four Seasons after all) that felt like home.


A simple way to incorporate dietary wellness  into a guest’s experience is to offer a reimagined mini-bar and turndown service. By  no means replace a fine chocolate with kale  or ditch the Grey Goose for a green smoothie  but consider introducing a more thoughtful  side by side selection for those many  wellness-minded guests who abide by a whole  foods or clean diet. Organic fruit or sugar free whole food snacks (preferably made  in-house or locally sourced) offer a delicious,  guilt-free, late night snack or healthy start  to the next day. Don’t forget to offer gluten free and vegan options, as well. Additional  wellness items such as glo luxury oils and  pkt. multivitamin placed in the minibar or  turndown service are sure to please the  wellness traveler. Your guests will appreciate  the personalized care and will be more likely  to share their experience with others. 

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RSVP, a boutique motel located in picturesque Bozeman, Montana, offers each  guest a glass of champagne upon check in. A  few of their in-room amenities include locally  roasted coffee beans, whimsical wooden  tokens good for a cup of organic coffee, and  even a complimentary ice scraper that you  are guaranteed to use if you are visiting during  ski season on your way to Big Sky Resort.

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Since wellness travelers are ritual  driven it is imperative to offer activities  and resources that allow for guests  to continue their healthy routines  away from home. Many wellness  travelers focus on their mental health  and meditate. In addition to jogging  routes, gyms and spas make sure your  guests are aware of the peaceful spaces  designated on your property for quite reflection.  
Anticipating guests’ daily routines  start with the morning. With over  68% of the U.S. population regularly  taking multivitamins, why wasn’t a daily  supplement being offered as a guest  amenity in the first place? Probably  because vitamins in their present form  were far from exciting. The newest  amenity, pkt. multivitamin has ushered  in the modern way to take your daily  vitamins and the wellness traveler is  taking notice. 
Luxury hoteliers can now easily  incorporate wellness into their guests  experience while anticipating a daily  need by offering pkt. — a high quality,  clean multivitamin in a convenient  single-serve packet that guests will  love. Pkt.’s lemon flavored, powdered  formula mixes easily with a glass of  water or your favorite beverage.

With a new decade, we welcome the  modern amenities and experiences  that come with it. The wellness-minded  traveler gets excited over never seen before, in-room amenities that  resonate with their lifestyle and will  be quick to snap photos and share on  Instagram. This excitement brings out  their playful side, all the while creating  loyalty to you and your brand.  
Modern amenities for the wellness  traveler that are thoughtful, small  in nature and anticipate your guests  needs will offer the most enjoyable and  memorable experiences for the new  decade and beyond. 

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