The Folkvord Method - prioritizing wellness in hospitality

The Folkvord Method - prioritizing wellness in hospitality

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A born and raised Montanan, Hillary Folkvord has cultivated elegance and luxury in the hospitality industry in the heart of Big Sky Country.  Wife, mother, world traveler, hotelier, entrepreneur, & lifestyle blogger, Hillary has mastered a “life on the go”.  She incorporates wellness into every aspect of her life and businesses with grace and warmth. Her travel repertoire extends well beyond her age and there is no shortage of hidden gems. We were lucky to hear a few secrets from Lady H herself:


What are you favorite types of places to travel?

Italy is my favorite place to travel. They are the best at hospitality. I’m always searching for places with service and style. Italy has it all.


What are your favorite Montana staycations spots?

Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky is a hidden Gem. Sage Lodge also has great amenities with beautiful views. Paws Up Glamping Tents is an experience like non other.


How do you incorporate healthy and delicious food into your home?

I believe in the power of real food. Taking a bunch of beautiful vegetables and making them into a delicious meal brings me so much happiness. Our kids eat what we eat. I try to incorporate many different foods starting at a young age. Dinner at our home is sacred, that time with my family is the most cherished moments of my day.






Hillary and sister/business partner, Haylee Folkvord, have been in the hospitality business for a decade and have MASTERED the art of customer service.  Together, they have created an upscale boutique motel, RSVP, and café, The Farmer's Daughters, in addition to the luxurious Sacajawea Hotel. Organic and locally sourced, every menu item is equally mindful of healthy ingredients and incredible flavor, just as every room is held to the highest standard. Like most hoteliers in 2020, there has been no shortage of challenges and surprises behind the scenes. These women have taken each obstacle by storm and have relentlessly prioritized the safety of their guests and staff. 



During COVID-19, what are some of the strategies you've implemented to ensure your guests safety?

Key-less entry into rooms! All guests receive check in welcome texts with their room number and key code. This way guests can bypass the front desk.


What are some of your other favorite additions to elevate your guests experience while keeping them comfortable and safe?

We love communicating with our guests via text. Makes it easy if they need any dining recommendations, or extra items in their room upon arrival. We are also offering to stock the pantry or the bar for our guests before they arrive.


How are you using pkt. throughout your property?

pkt. packets are a welcome amenity for guests upon arrival into their rooms. We are also selling them in our cafe, which have been a huge hit for our customers.



Hillary and Haylee saw the opportunity to provide guests with a healthy way to rejuvenate during their travels and began to sell pkt. in the gift shop of their boutique motel, RSVP. Then 2020 hit. At a time when wellness and preventative measures are a priority to guests, they began offering pkt. as a room amenity. They wanted to ensure they were providing a product known to boost immunity, and keep their guests feeling their best. Experts at thinking out of the box, Hillary and Haylee find unique solutions that make their businesses stand out, and is undoubtedly the reason their success is undeniable. They continue to set the stage for the future of hospitality.










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